Caribou andorra

While the biggest difference between Andorra and Caribou’s previous LP, The Milk of Human Kindness , is the heightened focus on pop composition, Andorra is still most successful when it relies on sonic and dynamic intensity. This is exemplified in the nearly nine-minute “Niobe.” Synths are starkly beautiful in that frozen tundra, Caribou kind of way. Drum rolls tantalize expectations, and when Snaith intersperses well-placed melodic flourishes with vocals shrouded in reverb, the effect is mesmerizing. In the last 50 seconds of the piece, muffled synth leads rise and culminate into something about as perfect as IDM can ever hope to be.

“Basically all the songs that I really love are ‘lump in your throat’ pop songs,” Snaith offers as his secret manifesto for the album. “I still can’t really listen to ‘This Will Be Our Year’ by The Zombies because it turns me into a big cry-baby. But it’s all about trying to recreate that feeling. Music either has that effect or it’s bullshit I’ve decided in the last year. So I wanted no bullshit on this album. Turned out that was incredibly hard,” he laughs, “but I wanted every track and every part of every track to come as close to that emotional precipice as I could possibly manage.”

Caribou AndorraCaribou AndorraCaribou AndorraCaribou Andorra