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DARWIN’S RADIO is a four piece progressive-rock outfit from the south of England. Their music is described as powerful melodic rock, with thoughtful lyrics, dynamics and excellent tempo changes. The band released their debut album “Eyes of the World” in April 2006, and was written, performed, arranged & produced by Mark Westworth (Keyboards), Dec Burke (Vocals & guitars), Sean Spear (Bass), and David Pankhurst (Drums). Previously Dec Burke and current drummer Tim Churchman played… read more

This band I got interested into mainly because of the name (what...it's a cool name). So, I decided to give it a listen, and...I loved it. They where the perfect formula for me at the time. Amazing vocalist, blinding guitars, amazing instrumental work and epic song structuring and formulas. So...it was obvious I was going to get it. All in all, this is a brilliant album. Chocked full of mostly everything I love, but I think the real highlight is Dec Burke. The mastermind behind the band, his guitar playing is phenomenal and his vocals are even better. Now, the album does have some minor flaws. Sometimes, the band can go too much into neo prog territory, and at times sound a little bit like a Genesis/IQ rip off. But I think what saves this is the metal elements of the songs. Yes, that's right...these guys seem to be a prog metal band in neo sheep prog clothing. Another of the albums flaws is the mixing. Now, I will give it to these guys...they did make this band totally self funded and the material outshines the small poor quality of sound, but...the material is enough to save it. By the way...these guys have broken up now, and it's a massive shame because with this album, it really seems they had something very special. 1. The Illusion Is Freedom - A very dramatic Genesis like song. It easily could have been split into parts. It is a song of constant and quite epic build ups. Musically wise it's flawless. Would have liked to have heard Dec belt a good bit in the song, but it was still a great performance. I do think it's the weakest track on the album, but still a pretty decent and well crafted epic. 9/10 2. Breathe It In - One of the heaviest songs on the album. Great hooks and some really powerful vocals from Dec. The guitar sound in this song has quite an industrial feel to It as well. 10/10 3. The Age Of Broken Reason - Ok...this has to be one of my favourite prog rock/metal songs ever. Whenever that mellotron intro hits, I get shivers up and down my spine. The hook gives me some good oul shivers as well. In many ways, this song gives me the same impression Porcupine Tree's Anaesthetize does...and if your a fan on that song, you need to hear this one. This is just spellbinding. 10/10 CONCLUSION: The recording isn't the best yes...the band aren't a massive name...they will probably be forgotten about...but...this album rules. I really don't know why these guys didn't get a lot of attention with this album, because they had a lot of talent and where one of the most interesting prog bands to come out of England in the past few years. It's so sad these guys broke up, because I really think this album was a stepping stone for what could have been another underlooked prog classic. /10 RIP Darwin's Radio social review comments | Review Permalink
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Darwin's Radio - Template For A GenerationDarwin's Radio - Template For A GenerationDarwin's Radio - Template For A GenerationDarwin's Radio - Template For A Generation