The copy cats dirty dancing

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The pictures below represent some of our success stories in rehabilitating cats that came to the Sanctuary either resentful of humans or aggressive towards humans. They did not trust humans and therefore considered humans as adversaries. With our unique behavioral enrichment program based on affection, love, and respect, you can see how their attitudes have changed.

So, just how dirty is a dog’s mouth? Dr. William Craig is the former president of the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice. He says that dogs lick germs off themselves, and from things they eat off the ground. “Dog breath” isn’t just a foul odor. It’s a combination of bacteria, infection and inflammation. Dr. Craig points out that thousands - if not millions - of pet owners get licked by dogs every day, without any apparent problems. That’s because humans and dogs have different bacteria in their mouths and most of it can’t jump from dogs to humans – or vice versa – and make them sick. For example, most upper respiratory infections that affect humans are caused by viruses - not bacteria, and most viruses are species-specific. If you are sick, the unconditional love you get from your dog can boost your immunity and help you fight infection. Studies have shown that simply petting a dog can lower your level of stress hormones, and reduce your blood pressure. To be safe, here’s what the experts suggest:

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Aw, this reminds me of my dog, Lucky. He recently passed, but before he did he was suffering from some serious hearing and sight problems. It was awful.

The Copy Cats Dirty DancingThe Copy Cats Dirty DancingThe Copy Cats Dirty DancingThe Copy Cats Dirty Dancing