Various дискотека терминатор

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The Greeks exhaustively classified the elements of rhetoric, or effective speech and writing, and gave the name oxymoron, literally "pointed foolishness," to the deliberate juxtaposing of seemingly contradictory words. The roots of oxymoron - oxys, meaning "sharp" or "keen," and moros, meaning "foolish" - are nearly antonyms themselves, making oxymoron nicely self-descriptive. Oxymoron originally applied to a meaningful paradox condensed into a couple of words, as in "precious bane," "lonely crowd," or "sweet sorrow." Today, however, oxymoron can also refer to unintentional contradictions, like "a plastic glass."

Group 1:  5 Cyrillic Letters that are the same as English
01st  Letter –  А – like the “A”  in America
12th Letter –  К – like the “K” in Ken
14th Letter – М – like the “M” in Mary
16th Letter –  О – like the “O”  in Olga
20th Letter –  Т – like the “T” in Tom

Various Дискотека ТерминаторVarious Дискотека ТерминаторVarious Дискотека ТерминаторVarious Дискотека Терминатор