Aclass act keep afloat

The senators cloaked themselves in the mantle of bipartisan reasonableness, but don’t be fooled. There’s nothing bipartisan about their scheme. The big losers are middle-class buyers priced out of the individual insurance market and taxpayers footing the bill for the billions in extra spending these fixers are proposing. The winners are insurance companies .

Often called the “summer slide,” it refers to the tendency for students to lose the academic gains they made during the school year. Research (1) shows that students can fall behind in math and reading skills and that scores on standardized tests taken at the end of the summer are lower than scores on the same test taken at the beginning of the summer. Here are some thoughts on how to engage teens in summer learning.

A Class Act Keep AfloatA Class Act Keep AfloatA Class Act Keep AfloatA Class Act Keep Afloat