Keith jarrett solo improvisations

Keith Jarrett was born on May 8, 1945, in Allentown, Pennsylvania , to a mother of Hungarian descent and a father of either French or Scots-Irish descent. [2] He grew up in suburban Allentown with significant early exposure to music. [3] Jarrett possesses absolute pitch , and he displayed prodigious musical talents as a young child. He began piano lessons just before his third birthday, and at age five he appeared on a TV talent program hosted by the swing bandleader Paul Whiteman . [4] Jarrett gave his first formal piano recital at the age of seven, playing works by composers including Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Saint-Saëns, and ending with two of his own compositions. [5] Encouraged especially by his mother, Jarrett took intensive classical piano lessons with a series of teachers, including Eleanor Sokoloff of the Curtis Institute .

Is Savary going to finish his work on this concert?
He could at least finish this first section … there are only very few notes.

Keith Jarrett Solo ImprovisationsKeith Jarrett Solo ImprovisationsKeith Jarrett Solo ImprovisationsKeith Jarrett Solo Improvisations