Inhuman poison inhuman poison

I plan with a clan of, well known omens:
Swordsmen atop four horses, roaming
Prophets... of the approaching apocalypse
Rotted flesh, breath smoking, toxic
"War" is the force of our brothers in anger
"Famine" represents the hands of Mother Nature
"Pestilence" relates to man, She hates us
"Death" is the resting place of all creation
Examine my basic, transformation
From ape to an ancient, escape this plane with
Meditation, hang in spacial orbit
In a dormant station, and inform my agents
From hi-jacked satellite waves in rotation
I've had a great revelation; ascension
A brain elevation, witness the changes
I will return to the Earth... and claim it
Where light's absent, I descend barefoot
Through the Stratosphere after several years passing
Trapped in the black magnetic field
Of the Mesosphere with nitrogen gases
Ears have been gathered, my speech thunders
Near you streets rumble beneath the masses, hundreds
Of thousands, bow as the Sun drowns out, see
I breathe foul clouds as I scream out loudly
Mountains shower around you vanishing
Speaking is the powerful mouth of a champion
Vocal's spoken broke tree's in the canopy
Leave the ground breached, seething land steams
Hot spring geysers arise, where I touch
Watch me glide through the sky as I lunge
Swoop through challengers, talons extended
Chew through em, growling, malice intended
Wind is lifting, carry me with clarity
Pitch shift, barrel roll free in the airy breeze
Hear a squeak , eagle beak squeeze, eat parakeet
Sharing no equal, evil to the very teeth
Voices, daring me to poison the merry King
Hoist him and carry him, torch him in kerosene
Oil and bury 'em in soil, very deep
Coiled in various spoils, his hairy steed
Sleeping on top of his ashes, dishonored
Captains, sergeants, commander's of armed men
Targeted marching, shoot any ranking suit...
Who receives a salute from his army
I'm heartless, acutely marred gruesomely
In darkly bruising scarring, spewing tarry
Fluids barring my newest victims from movement
I'm sorry for nothing, I'm brutal... Inhuman

The main accused in the case, Shambhulal Regar, was arrested and his 14-year-old nephew, who filmed the crime, detained.
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This song is by Aesthetic Perfection and appears on the album All Beauty Destroyed (2011) and on the album Imperfect (2015) .

Inhuman Poison Inhuman PoisonInhuman Poison Inhuman PoisonInhuman Poison Inhuman PoisonInhuman Poison Inhuman Poison